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A Fun Way to Learn Languages

It has been proven that there are tremendous advantages of being bilingual: it improves cognitive abilities, memory and reading skills. Studies show that there is a correlation between language learning and students’ ability to hypothesize in science. Language learning can benefit all children.

An important element of learning a language is that the earlier that a person starts; the easier it is to learn another language, but there are few toys made for young children encouraging language learning especially learning foreign languages. Yaya cards (patent pending) changed that.

Yaya cards is a set of cards with a letter, word or words written on one side of a card and an adhesive on the other side so that the card can be stuck to an object that corresponds to the word. An audible sound will be emitted when the card is touched. Thus, when a child touches the card, the card will appear to pronounce the word on the card (which is stuck to a corresponding object). The card will blink too to be more fun for children to play with.

To learn more about yaya cards, please go to product information.

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    “Yaya cards are really fun and very useful.”
    - Tane Dusilo-Cavich, Linguist, Distinguished Lecturer at Rochester Institute of Technology 


    "Yaya cards are a practical and fun tool for learning. I am amazed at how quickly my children are learning the words. During and after dinner we sit at the dining room table together and pass the cards around, each repeating the different words and challenging each other to learn new words. It's extremely helpful to hear the word spoken and see the word spelled phonetically on the back. I'm amazed at the number of new words my children have learned in just a few weeks.
    - Brooke Short, mother of two, Brendan 3 and Julia 5